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Hello there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Polly Tampas and I am the Owner of A&M Decor. I began the business 12 years ago as a result of my passion for the home decor industry.


Over the last decade, the company has completed a vast amount of beautiful jobs for a big portion of Montreal's residential sites. Please take the time to view some of our best work on the site's "projects" or "products" pages.


Here at A&M Decor, we specialize in condominiums and residential homes, as well as senior living projects within the Montreal and outlining areas. Personalized one-on-one consultation is offered with a wide array of window covering options for every customer's individual needs.


Every home is unique and so is A&M Decor services. Our customer's satisfaction is always of prime importance. Every home deserves to be beautiful, allow us to help you do so with our services!


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